Rockingham County Appraisal District (New Hampshire)

Rockingham County Assessors inspect taxable properties in order to determine their value and collect property taxes in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. They use several methods to assess a property's value, including on-site inspections and comparable property reports. These property assessment records are available through the Assessor Office, which is responsible for appraisals in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Appraisal districts may be determined by city, Rockingham County, or other local boundaries, and property owners can look up their appraisal district through Rockingham County Assessor Offices.

Chester Town Assessor Chester NH 84 Chester Street 03036 603-887-4045

Derry Assessor Derry NH 14 Manning Street 03038 603-432-6104

Hampton Town Assessor Hampton NH 100 Winnacunnet Road 03842 603-929-5837

Seabrook Assessor Seabrook NH 99 Lafayette Road 03874 603-474-2966

Windham Town Assessor Windham NH 3 North Lowell Road 03087 603-434-7530

Rockingham County Town and City Halls provide municipal services for their jurisdiction, including maintaining tax appraisal records and providing appraisal services in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. In some communities, the Town or City Hall manages the property appraisal process, including issuing parcel numbers, inspecting properties, and levying Rockingham County property taxes. They may provide information on appealing a Rockingham County property tax appraisal, reporting violations in the appraisal process, and determining the appropriate appraisal district. This appraisal district information can be valuable for Rockingham County property owners and prospective buyers, and it may be available on the Town or City Hall website.

Auburn Town Hall Auburn NH 47 Chester Road 03032 603-483-5052

Brentwood Town Hall Brentwood NH 1 Dalton Road 03833 603-642-8817

Danville Town Hall Danville NH 210 Main St 03819 603-382-8253

Deerfield Town Hall Deerfield NH 8 Raymond Road 03037 603-463-8811

Exeter Town Hall Exeter NH 10 Front Street 03833 603-778-0591

Fremont Town Hall Fremont NH 295 Main Street 03044 603-895-8693

Greenland Town Hall Greenland NH 575 Portsmouth Avenue 03840 603-431-7111

Hampton Town Hall Hampton NH 100 Winnacunnet Road 03842 603-926-6766

Kensington Town Hall Kensington NH 95 Amesbury Road 03833 603-772-5423

Kingston Town Hall Kingston NH 163 Main Street 03848 603-642-3112

Londonderry Town Hall Londonderry NH 268 Mammoth Road, Ste B 03053 603-432-1100

New Castle Town Hall New Castle NH 49 Main Street 03854 603-431-6710

Newfields Town Hall Newfields NH 65 Main Street 03856 603-772-5070

Newington Town Hall Portsmouth NH GOSLING Rd 03801 603-431-4111

Newington Town Hall Newington NH 205 Nimble Hill Road 03801 603-436-7640

North Hampton Town Hall North Hampton NH 237 Atlantic Avenue 03862 603-964-6029

Portsmouth City Hall Portsmouth NH 1 Junkins Avenue, Unit 1 03801 603-431-2000

Raymond Town Hall Raymond NH 4 Epping Street, Ste A 03077 603-895-4735

Rye Town Hall Rye NH 10 Central Road 03870 603-964-5523

Salem NH Town Hall Salem NH 33 Geremonty Drive 03079 603-890-2128

Salem Town Hall Salem NH 1 Sally Sweet Way 03079 603-890-2190

South Hampton Town Hall South Hampton NH 1 Hilldale Avenue 03827 603-394-7696

Windham Town Hall Windham NH 3 North Lowell Road 03087 603-434-5075

Rockingham County Finance Departments administer finances for their jurisdictions, including collecting and distributing local taxes and property taxes in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. As part of this job, Finance Departments provide information about Rockingham County tax appraisals and appraisal districts. Finance Departments may provide information on past property appraisals, changes to the appraisal process, and appealing Rockingham County tax appraisals. They may also have information on tax payment plans, tax refunds, and other local and county tax appraisals. Finance Departments provide online access to their services and records.

Derry Finance Department Derry NH 14 Manning Street 03038 603-432-6103

Seabrook Finance Department Seabrook NH 99 Lafayette Road 03874 603-474-8027