Belknap County Appraisal District (New Hampshire)

Belknap County Town and City Halls provide municipal services for their jurisdiction, including maintaining tax appraisal records and providing appraisal services in Belknap County, New Hampshire. In some communities, the Town or City Hall manages the property appraisal process, including issuing parcel numbers, inspecting properties, and levying Belknap County property taxes. They may provide information on appealing a Belknap County property tax appraisal, reporting violations in the appraisal process, and determining the appropriate appraisal district. This appraisal district information can be valuable for Belknap County property owners and prospective buyers, and it may be available on the Town or City Hall website.

Belmont Town Hall Belmont NH 143 Main Street 03220 603-267-8300

Gilford Town Hall Gilford NH 47 Cherry Valley Road 03249 603-527-4700

Laconia City Hall Laconia NH 45 Beacon St E 03246 603-524-3877

Tilton Town Hall Tilton NH 257 Main Street 03276 603-286-4521

Belknap County Finance Departments administer finances for their jurisdictions, including collecting and distributing local taxes and property taxes in Belknap County, New Hampshire. As part of this job, Finance Departments provide information about Belknap County tax appraisals and appraisal districts. Finance Departments may provide information on past property appraisals, changes to the appraisal process, and appealing Belknap County tax appraisals. They may also have information on tax payment plans, tax refunds, and other local and county tax appraisals. Finance Departments provide online access to their services and records.

Gilford Finance Department Gilford NH 47 Cherry Valley Road 03249 603-527-4701

Meredith Finance Department Meredith NH 41 Main Street 03253 603-279-4538